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Opening of our Playgrounds

Opening of our Playgrounds

We are pleased to announce our play areas and outdoor gym equipment will all be open by midday on Monday 6 July. Our grounds team will begin first thing and do safety checks and put up the required signage.

As there is no practical or effective way of cleaning the equipment, please ensure you maintain good hand washing practices and use sanitizer. Users are advised to wipe equipment with suitable sanitizing wipes before use - it is down to you to manage your own risk.

Everyone that uses our play areas and/or outdoor gym equipment must maintain social distancing and follow the advice on the signage and in the Government guidelines.

The areas will be monitored and if the guidelines and advice is not following we may be forced to close the areas and equipment again.

Thank you for your help support and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Posted: Fri, 03 Jul 2020 09:03 by Georgia Connor

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