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Press release from South Northants Council - Recycling

Date: 01 May 2019

Issue: SNCPR15189

For Immediate Release

Council signs up to turn crisp packets in to park benches

People in South Northamptonshire who want to recycle even more of their waste can now take advantage of a service which aims to let them recycle things that can't go in their blue recycling bin.

South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) has signed up as a collection location for the TerraCycle initiative. Residents can now drop-off crisp, nut, popcorn, and pretzel packets at the council offices in Towcester for recycling.

Funded by brands, manufacturers and retailers, Terracycle aims to 'recycle the non-recyclable.'

Jane Carr, SNC's executive director for operations, said: "Residents have already helped get this district up to a 62 per cent recycling rate, putting us 7th on the national league table. But all the evidence suggests 80 per cent is possible.

"The industry is not quite at the stage where we can offer to take snack packets and the like away with your household recycling. But people want to take action now and this allows them to start making an immediate difference."

The Terracycle collection point just inside the entrance to the SNC offices at The Forum, Moat Lane in Towcester will accept any crisp, nut, popcorn or pretzel packet. All the contents must be removed.

Once collected, the packets are compacted into hard plastic granules which are extruded and can then be incorporated in to a wide array of products such as plastic fence posts or benches.

Residents are also reminded they can drop-off batteries and printer cartridges for recycling at The Forum.

For more information, visit -

Please do not bring your waste crisps, not, popcorn, pretzel or any other waste to Brackley Town Council Office.

Posted: Wed, 01 May 2019 12:17 by Stephanie Campbell

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