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West Northamptonshire Council Post-16 Transport Policy Statement Consultation 2024

Posted in West Northamptonshire Council

West Northamptonshire Council would like to know your views on changes they are proposing to their Post-16 Transport Policy Statement.

Students are required to continue in education or training until the age of 18 years, the statutory leaving age is 16. Local Authorities have no statutory duty to provide transport for Post 16 students but instead must publish a “transport policy statement” each year, setting out how they will support young adults to access education and training. 

They have reviewed their current Post-16 Transport Policy Statement and are proposing changes which apply to young people of sixth form age and young people with Education, Health and Care plans up to age 25. Changes will come into effect for all students entering Post 16 education or training in September 2024.

The draft statement proposes changes which are needed to meet high demand and operating costs, whilst also giving greater flexibility for parents/carers, support young people’s independence and help to promote sustainable travel.

Your views are important as they will help to inform proposals.

WNC recognise circumstances for each young adult and family are often different, therefore want to know how each of their proposals may affect you. WNC will also be seeking views from schools and colleges and welcome feedback from West Northamptonshire residents and other interested stakeholders.

For more information and to fill out the consultation visit WNC's website.

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