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Vandalism Reported Twice in 48 Hours for High Street Public Toilets

Posted in Brackley Town Council

In September, we reported to the police that the gents cubicle lock at the High Street public toilets had been vandalised and a crime number was issued.

At the beginning of November, it was reported that the urinal had been kicked off the wall.  This resulted in the gents toilet being closed until the repair could be made and a further crime number issued.

We are now sad to report that on the morning of Monday 28 November, Brackley Town Council yet again found the lock broken. It appears that the door had been kicked in and the latch mechanism damaged. The grounds team ordered a new lock and fitted it the same afternoon. 

Unbelievably, the same thing happened again on the evening of Tuesday 29 November and once again, the grounds team had to repair the lock. 

The damage this week has been reported to the Police, which makes this report the fourth public toilet incident of vandalism over the last three months. 

The crime number for the latest vandalism is 22000701170 and we are asking residents to get in touch with us if they hear or see anything suspicious please.  

These toilets were refurbished at the start of the year and we would like to put a stop to the continuous cost and time spent repairing these damages. Thank you.

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