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Notice of Footpath Closure & Diversion Update Turweston

Notice of Footpath Closure & Diversion Update Turweston

Notice of Footpath Closure and Diversion Update, Turweston

September 2022

What are we doing?

Throughout 2022, we have temporarily closed and diverted sections of Public Rights of Way (PRoW) between Turweston and Whitfield, known as TUW/7 and TUW/5.

As part of our continued work in the area, it is now necessary to temporarily close a section of BD8. This closure is required due to the excavation for the Turweston Viaduct, stockpiling and the construction of our internal road network.

For the safety of pedestrians and our staff, we must fully close these footpaths for the duration of our works. Signage on the footpath will indicate the closure. To maintain connectivity between Turweston and Whitfield, TUW/4 and TUW/6 remain open to provide an alternative route.

After the railway line has been constructed, TUW/7 and TUW/5 will pass underneath the Turweston Viaduct.

When will these works take place?

The PRoWs known as TUW/7 and TUW/5 are closed, 24 hours a day, and will remain closed for approximately four years. The PRoW known as BD8 will be closed, 24 hours day, from Monday 26 September 2022 for approximately four years.

Where will the works take place?

The map attached, shows the section of PRoWs TUW/7 and TUW/5 that are currently closed, and the section of BD8 that will be closed in late September 2022.

What else is happening in your area?

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Posted: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 10:37 by Deborah Sumner

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