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Mental Health Friends Launches Men's Support Group

Mental Health Friends Launches Men's Support Group

Mental Health Friends is a Brackley support group to create communities who come together and support each other with their mental health, for both those with lived experience and family/friends around them.

Mental health can hit any of us at anytime, people often think of mental health as a 'diagnosed' condition, however we all have mental health just as we do physical health.

Our mental health can be effected by many things from bereavement, redundancy, relationship breakdown, illness and many more...or just hereditary like me.

We welcome you all.

Wednesday 3rd August - 6pm Brackley Leisure Centre

We have a Men's Group starting this evening, Wednesday 3rd August, 6pm. Please drop in for even just 10 minutes, we do want to get this up and running and hear what we can do to help support you guys, whether it's a walk, project of some kind, lots of ideas being put forward. Please pop by share your thoughts and let's get something going to meet your needs.

David Holloway will lead this group as our Wellbeing and Men's Group Lead, great guy, with a great sense of humour and lived experience. David is also a fully qualified Mindfulness Teacher, in his spare time an avid biker, enjoys lock picking (don't ask ha ha) and an upcycling king too.

Any questions please message David Holloway 07887 966670.

No question is a silly question, we can meet you in reception, the carpark or the field behind, anything to support you.

We also have a closed, private Brackley Support Group.

Many thanks,

Claire Readman

Founder - Mental Health Friends

Claire 07598275970 / David 07887 966670

Posted: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 15:13 by Georgia Connor

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