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Across the generations - Remembering & Moving with Wriggle Dane Theatre

Across the generations - Remembering & Moving with Wriggle Dane Theatre

'Across the generations, remembering and moving' is a 6 week online project, where we bring older participants who lived through WW2 together with children from St Marys Catholic Primary School, Southam.

We would like you to tell the school children stories and/or memories of your experiences of life during WW2. We will then use these stories as inspiration for some creative dance sessions for older participants and the children to take part in together (Don't worry it will all be appropriate movements for all age groups!)

We will also be making a documentary film of the project, we will be filming sessions as we go along and we might ask you some questions too. You will receive a copy of the film at the end, as well as attend a special online viewing of it with the other participants.

The children will also be writing their interpretation of the WW2 stories/memories they have been told during the project, which will then be compiled into a keepsake book for you all to keep at the end.

As 2020 marked 75 years since WW2 ended, this project is an important opportunity for children to hear your stories first hand, promoting social integration, respect and friendship between young and old, raising awareness of WW2 and bringing stories to life through dance, film and writing; capturing and recording these stories as a legacy.

What will you be doing?

1) You will be given a time to be interviewed by some of the school children about any memories or stories you have of your life in WW2. This will take place via Zoom.

2) You will take part in 2 weekly creative movement sessions via Zoom with other older participants

3) You will then take part in 2 weekly creative movement sessions with both older participants and children together.

4) You will then be paired with 1 or a couple of children and will have a 20min session with just the children you are paired with on either 8th OR 15th June.

5) During all of these sessions an experienced dance leader will work with the group to create movement sequences based on the stories and memories that have been shared.

6) The whole project will be filmed and edited into a documentary style film which you will be invited to come and see in a special screening event on June 26th 2020 marking Armed Forces Day alongside the other participants who took part in the project and wider friends and family who you might like to invite. We will also compile the children's writing of your stories alongside photographs of the project into a souvenir ring bound book which you will get to keep.

There is potential for this session to be in person dependent on Government Covid restrictions at the time, but we expect it to happen online via Zoom.

Project dates:

4th or 5th May 2021 - Children to interview older adults on Zoom

6th, 13th, 18th, 25th May 2021 - Take part in creative dance/movement workshops on Zoom

8th or 15th June 2021 - Movement workshops on Zoom with just your partner children

26th June 2021 - Attend online event to watch final film and say goodbye

If you would like to find out more about Wriggle Dance Theatre you could visit our website here:

or Telephone: 07771888157 / 07854143163


Posted: Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:50 by Stephanie Campbell

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