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Update - A43 Abthorpe Roundabout October / November 2020

Update - A43 Abthorpe Roundabout October / November 2020

Here is an update on both the Tarmac and North Midlands A43 Schemes.

The A43 south bound carriageway will continue to be closed each evening from 8am to 6am from Abthorpe Roundabout. A diversion will be in place for south bound traffic. This will be until Friday 16th October 2020.

From Monday 19th October 2020 the closure will move south and be closed at the A413, this is to allow traffic to be diverted from Abthorpe Roundabout to the services via A413. Special signage has been made to inform travelling public that the services are open.

North Midland Construction are undertaking works near McDonalds entrance/exit between Monday 19th and Friday 24th October. During this period the only access to the services and McDonalds will be via the North bound A43. There will be no access to the services or McDonalds from the Abthorpe Roundabout, customers will be able to exit onto the Roundabout as usual. These works will take place between 9pm and 5am.

From 24th October to 10th November 2020 the south bound carriageway between Tove and Abthorpe Roundabouts will be closed over night from 8pm until 5am. Customers will be able to access the services and McDonalds via Abthorpe Roundabout and the unaffected North bound access.

A diversion will be in place for those members of the public travelling south along the A43.

Posted: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 09:14 by Stephanie Campbell

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