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Press Release ...... Brackley Skate Park Project

Press Release ...... Brackley Skate Park Project

We are pleased to confirm that Brackley Town Council have now secured the £250,000 funds needed for the town's Skate Park Project.

A location has been agreed with the District Council (SNC) for the Skate Park to be constructed near Brackley Leisure Centre and all the necessary surveys have been carried out. We are currently securing a non-financial lease to be drawn up by SNC for the land. We have followed this up again at the end of June, we are continuing to press SNC for this lease. With the impending transfer of services from the District Council to the new Unitary Authority, it is even more important to get such a lease secured.

Draft tender documents and a draft management plan have also been prepared, so we are really

just waiting for the full amount of funding to become available. However, there will be a delay on the final release of this funding, as we need the Section 106 monies coming to us from the new development at Turweston Road South. These final funds (£150,000) will only be released once a certain number of houses have been sold. Sadly, we anticipate this to be approximately 2 years away.

Unfortunately, we are not able to commence any of the construction work until this final tranche of money is available for release from the Developer. Even if we were able to attract "crowd funding" and started the project early, the Developer has the right to withhold the S106 monies, as it is specific to the Skate Park Project and could not be used for any other enhancements in the town.

Nearer to the time of the final funding becoming available, we will be going out to public engagement for ideas and volunteers to assist with further fund raising for the ongoing maintenance of the park.

Cllr. Chris Cartmell – Town Mayor commented; "We fully realise that this delay will be a bitter disappointment to everyone in Brackley, especially the expected users of this complex. Please be assured that the Town Council are eager to have this matter concluded and will continue to work with the District Council on this matter".

Posted: Wed, 15 Jul 2020 14:45 by Stephanie Campbell

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