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Reminder to all dog walkers

Reminder to all dog walkers

Many dog owners have told us that walking and exercising of their pets is as important as ever during this current lock-down period. It has become noticeable that many dogs are being walked by younger people unsupervised, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately though, it has become apparent that not all young people (and quite a few adults) are not taking their dog ownership and walking duties seriously. We ask that parents and guardians explain the importance of picking up dog poo however 'un-cool' the subject is. All dogs do it, humans, whatever their age have a responsibility to bag it and bin it!

Numerous dog waste bins are located around the town and public spaces, please use them or take the bag home and place in your black bin.

We are all trying to keep our town looking at it's best despite current circumstances. It would be a real shame to see dog waste lying on the streets or dog poo bags hanging in trees, or on fences and shrubs - yes, we see this often!

Posted: Thu, 09 Apr 2020 12:19 by Stephanie Campbell

Tags: Information, Parks and Open Spaces