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Draft Budget for Consultation

Draft Budget for Consultation

The Town Council has been discussing its budget for 2019-20 and would like to hear your views before finalising it. Next year we expect that many of the parks and open spaces on the new developments will be handed over to the Council, which means that we will need additional equipment and staff for the work. The costs of this will be met by contributions from the developers (Section 106 payments) and you will see on the draft budget that we have allowed for these contributions. There is also uncertainty regarding Northamptonshire County Council and what services we might be expected to take over (the Town Council has already agreed to adopt some of the grit bins). So, another difficult year for budgeting, but we have tried to build in some flexibility and would like to hear your views. Please respond by Monday 10th December 2018, so that comments can be considered at the Finance & Policy Committee meeting on Monday 17th December, before the Council sets its final budget.

Posted: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 10:50 by Linda Carter

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