Budget Consultation

Budget Consultation

Last night the Town Council agreed a draft budget for 2018/19 which is now available for consultation.

Next year is a difficult one to plan for as so many changes are anticipated. The Town Hall will be available again, although office space has been reduced, and the community building at Radstone Fields will also be completed. The Town Council will gradually take on the responsibility for grounds maintenance on the new developments and areas of land will be added over the next year requiring grass cutting, play area inspections and litter picking. Our grass cutting is tied in with the South Northamptonshire Council contract and this is currently being re-tendered, and the uncertainty over the future of the library adds another difficulty in our budgeting process. We have been forced to make a number of 'educated guesses' to arrive at a budget showing an increase of 4.28% or £5.15 over the year for our average household.

If you wish to comment on the budget, please contact me (Linda Carter, Town Clerk) by Friday 15th December so that your comments can be passed to the Finance & Policy Committee on Monday 18th December 2017

Posted: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 16:33 by Linda Carter

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