Have you seen our new Street Warden?

Have you seen our new Street Warden?

The Town Council recently employed a Street Warden to try and improve some aspects of the town. It's on a trial basis at the moment to see what impact she can have.

Michelle has been in post since the middle of July and is walking around the town on a daily basis, covering an average of 30-35 miles each week, checking on litter, overhanging bushes which restrict footpaths, litter and litter bins, fly tipping and potholes etc. and is also handing out 'poo bags' to dog walkers who have forgotten to bring them or used their last one!

She has already made over 100 reports through Northamptonshire County Council's Street Doctor service as well as numerous reports to South Northamptonshire Council's Environmental team. She is working closely with the County Highways inspectors and is in regular contact with the Environmental Enforcement officers.

If you see her out and about in the town, do stop and speak to her and let her know of any issues you have. She's more than happy to help.

Posted: Wed, 04 Oct 2017 17:14 by Linda Carter

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