Wildlife Improvements in the Pocket Park

Wildlife Improvements in the Pocket Park

The Town Council has been working closely with Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust to develop a management plan for the Pocket Park (old railway line) aimed at increasing the biodiversity of the area by landscape improvements. The work is being funded by developer contributions associated with the loss of hedgerow on the Radstone Fields development.

The first part of the work will be to remove some trees, self set saplings and undergrowth to allow more light on to the south facing bank (Banbury Road side). This will encourage grassy areas to develop to support a wider variety of plants and insect life. At the moment, on the basis of the data that has been collected, there is not sufficient variety of plants and insects for the Pocket Park or the lake to be classified as a wildlife area.

The clearance work will be followed by improvements to the drainage and footpath. There will also be some sequential 'dredging' of the pond area to remove some of the silt and plants which are choking the pond (supervised by the Wildlife Trust). The dredged material will be left on the bank for a short period to allow any disturbed wildlife to migrate back into the pond.

We know how concerned residents can be when they see our staff removing trees, particular in a wildlife are such as this, but please be assured that this work is part of an ongoing management plan to increase the wildlife interest in that area and that all of the work will be completed outside of the nesting season.

Posted: Thu, 07 Sep 2017 13:03 by Linda Carter

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