Brackley Town Council

Telephone: 01280 702441

Town Hall Tower

Clerk: Alison Moses
20 High Street, Brackley
Northamptonshire NN13 7DS

Brackley Town Council
Terms & Conditions of Hire

• We agree to hire out our venue to you on the following terms. These terms, together with the booking made on our online booking system, constitute an agreement between you and Brackley Town Council.
• In these terms:
o "we" and "us" means Brackley Town Council
o the "Booking" means the booking on Hallmaster; and
o the "Venue" means the venue that you have chosen and that we have agreed to hire out to you.

COVID Specific Guidelines
• We require a COVID Risk Assessment prior to any hire, we can provide a template
• All hirers must adhere to current government guidelines in relation to Social Distancing, Hygiene and Face Coverings (this will be covered in your risk assessment)
• Hirers take the responsibility for keeping details of everyone present at their event or hire for 21 days as part of NHS track and trace.
• All hirers must bring adequate cleaning materials to clean surfaces during their hire.
• All hirers must remove their own rubbish.
• In the event of a local lockdown, all venues will be closed.
• All deposits are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled due to a local lockdown.

Accuracy of the Booking
• You must ensure that the information contained in the Booking is correct, accurate and contains no errors or omissions. We reserve the right to cancel this Agreement if any of this information is incorrect

Cost of Hire
• Rates are set each year by Brackley Town Council and are available on the BTC website.
• A 25% non-refundable deposit is taken upon booking (unless your booking is within one month, at which point the full amount is due on booking). If the deposit is not received within 10 days, your booking will be released.
• Any provisional bookings will be deleted after 1 month if no booking form has been received.
• If we have agreed that there is a requirement for us to take a refundable £300 damage deposit, this is required 7 days before the event. We reserve the right to cancel this agreement and your booking if this is not received.
• For regular hirers, invoices will be raised on the 1st of each month for bookings within that forthcoming month. Any bookings cancelled after the 1st of the month will still be chargeable.

Use of Venue
• Hirers are being granted a non-exclusive, revocable licence to use the venue as specified on the Booking Form, for the duration specified on the Booking Form and this shall in no way be construed as a grant of a lease to you.
• All set-ups and clear-downs are your responsibility; (this must be done within your hired time) unless otherwise arranged.
• It is your responsibility to ensure that the venue is suitable for your intended use.
• We reserve the right to make an extra charge for any extra time that the venue is in use
• You shall not use the venue for any other purpose other than that described on the Booking. You shall not sub-hire or allow the venue to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.
• Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the venue, including e-cigarettes and it is the hirer's responsibility to clear up and butts etc. left outside the building.
• Smoke machines etc are prohibited in the venue as they will set off the fire alarms.
• If using Egerton Hall, the car park must be opened when the venue is in use as this forms part of the fire escape and provides access for emergency vehicles.
• Neither you, nor your attendees are permitted to use any equipment at the venue, unless otherwise agreed as part of your booking. If you fail to comply with this provision, we reserve the right to make an extra charge and you will be liable in full for any damage to the equipment.
• Any equipment that is used must be moved to its original position before leaving the venue.
• You shall ensure that any equipment you bring to the venue is safe and in good working order and, where relevant, has been PAT tested (and shows the in-date PAT sticker).
• You shall not use any naked flames in the venue. This includes candles and gas-fuelled food warmers or chafing dishes.
• You must not make excessive noise whilst at the venue. The fire doors at the back of Egerton Hall must be closed at all times.
• No helium filled balloons may be placed inside the venue.
• You are responsible for the removal of rubbish at the end of your hire period. There is a bin outside the back doors for small amounts of general waste. Large amounts following a catered event/ function for example, must be taken away.
• Please note rubbish left outside the building or in other areas may be classed as fly tipping and may result in legal action.
• You are responsible for leaving the building clean and tidy. Including any outside spaces used. If you fail to comply with this provision, we reserve the right to make an extra charge.
• You must not make any alterations to the venue. This includes attaching anything to any part of the venue (including decorations).
• No roller skates, blades, heelies, go karts etc are permitted inside the venues.
• You shall ensure that the venue is vacated at the time specified on the Booking. If you or any of your guests, attendees or suppliers have not vacated the venue, we reserve the right to make an additional charge.
• You shall not allow any animals, other than assistance dogs, to be brought into the venue.
• Bouncy Castles or similar inflatable apparatus are only permitted if evidence of Public Liability Insurance and risk assessment is supplied to us and full supervision of the apparatus is provided by you or a designated supervisor.
• Any external suppliers that you use as part of your hire of the venue must adhere to these terms of use, and it is your responsibility as hirer to ensure they do so.
• All functions need to be finished by 12 midnight (Extra time can be booked for clearing/ cleaning).

Venue Security
• Staffing or key arrangements will be made by us and communicated to you.
• For certain bookings, Security Staff will be a compulsory extra. This will be discussed and agreed prior to the booking being confirmed.
• For events where there is no bar and guests will be bringing their own alcohol, we may insist on two security guards. Events such as New Year's Eve Parties, Christmas Parties and others specified by us may also incur the cost of two security guards.
• As hirer you take responsibility for fire safety ensuring you are able to evacuate the building with the setup of furniture etc you are using.
• You must adhere to all security and fire precaution measures of the venue. If a fire is identified it is your responsibility to alert all relevant emergency services and us immediately, and to evacuate the Venue immediately.
• Fire procedures are visible on fire safety signs in the venue. It is your responsibility to make yourself and guests aware of these procedures.
• If using Egerton Hall, the car park must be opened when the venue is in use as this forms part of the fire escape and provides access for emergency vehicles.

• Egerton Hall and the Town Hall have premises licenses for the sale of alcohol and for the provision of regulated entertainment. You will need to provide a bar or licensed person for any alcohol sold on the premises.
• You shall be responsible for obtaining all extra licences that may be required and we will require evidence of these licenses. You are also responsible for providing a licensed person to operate your bar if applicable.

• You (if you are a business) and/or your suppliers must have adequate Public Liability Insurance (of at least £5 million) in place for use of the venue and you must produce up to date evidence of such insurance to us.

Health and Safety
• During your booking, you must comply with all relevant Health and Safety Regulations, including having in place an appropriate evacuation plan. For regular users and those hiring a venue for a public event, we require a Risk Assessment prior to your first hire.

• If preparing or serving food at the venue, you must keep all the tools, crockery and equipment clean and notify us of any breakages.
• You must ensure that the venue is returned to the condition in which you found it on arrival, we reserve the right to charge a fee for cleaning if this is not the case.

• We retain the right, in our absolute discretion, to refuse or cancel a booking at any time for any good and sufficient reason or in the case of emergency.
• If a hirer (or a supplier used by them) contravenes any of these terms and conditions of hire, we reserve the right to cancel or shut down your event.
• We may cancel any Agreement if the venue is rendered unfit or becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance we will attempt to re-accommodate any bookings in another of our venues.
• Our booking policy states that regular hirers may need to be cancelled or re-accommodated no more than once a quarter due to a block booking at the venue. Hirers will be given as much notice as possible if and when this situation arises.
• We reserve the right to cancel any booking if the building is required for a civic or national event.

• Booking deposits are non-refundable.
• If you cancel prior to one month of your booking, any monies received by us apart from the deposit will be refunded
• If you cancel within one month of your booking, no refund will be given.
• All wedding payment-plan payments are non-refundable.

• During the period of hire, you shall be responsible for all damages (including accidental damage), losses (including consequential losses), claims and costs arising out of your use of the venue.
• You are entirely liable and responsible for both you and your attendees (and yours and their property) at all times whilst you are at the venue.

Call out charges
• In the event of a false trigger of alarms the duty emergency number must be informed immediately as the alarms are linked to a call out system which may incur a charge.

Problems with the building or equipment
• If you have problems using the building, please refer to the hirer`s instructions and if these do not help contact us immediately so we can try to solve the issue.
• We are very keen to get feedback from our users to help improve our venues

CHECKLIST – a few things you may need during your hire
• Bin bags (consider hiring large bins from SNC for large events or speak to your caterers)
• Surface cleaning materials
• Washing Up Liquid
• Tea Towels/cloths
• Tea, Coffee, Milk, Sugar (biscuits!)