Brackley Town Council

Telephone: 01280 702441

Town Hall Tower

Clerk: Alison Moses
20 High Street, Brackley
Northamptonshire NN13 7DS

Street Furniture

Street furniture comes in a number of guises and is provided by all three local councils:

Northamptonshire Highways is responsible for street lighting, including those surrounding Market Place car park and Piazza.

South Northants Council is responsible for litter bins on all pavements in the town (apart from Burgess Square) and bollards on Market Place car park.

Brackley Town Council provides and maintains benches throughout the town, parks and open spaces. Some of the seats have been donated by members of the public in memory of a loved one or to mark a significant date in history.

Brackley Town Council is also responsible for dog waste bins and litter bins on parks and open spaces throughout the town. The Council is also responsible for flower tubs located in the town centre and a number of bus shelters, although the majority of bus shelters are owned and maintained by either bus companies or NCC.

Please inform us is you discover an issue with any of the street furniture and we will report or take the appropriate action as required.