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Councillor Covid Support Fund 2021-22

Councillor Covid Support Fund 2021-22

The Councillor Covid Support Fund exists to support our local communities to recover from the impact of Covid during the remainder of the 2021-22 financial year. These grants are available to voluntary and community groups (not individuals or Town and Parish Councils).

Each West Northamptonshire Council Councillor has been allocated £2,500 to make local decisions on grant funding awards for the benefit of the communities' they represent. The grant must be used within the electoral ward of the Councillor and needs to be used to empower local residents to be active in their communities' recovery from the impact of Covid. The minimum grant award is £200.

A Councillor may co-operate with other Councillors within an electoral ward to pool their fund allocations for the purpose of this grant.

How do I obtain a Councillor Covid Support Fund grant?

The expectation is that each Councillor will already be aware of the community and voluntary organisations within their electoral ward impacted by Covid and seeking this type of grant funding.

The process for a Councillor Covid Support Fund grant award is as follows:

  1. the Councillor identifies a community or voluntary sector organisation impacted by Covid and that needs financial assistance to recover within the Councillor's ward
  2. the Councillor gives the community or voluntary sector organisation an application form
  3. the community or voluntary sector organisation completes and signs Part A of the application form to accept the Terms and Conditions of the grant and returns to the Councillor
  4. the Councillor completes and signs Part B of the application form and emails the application form to
  5. the Assistant Director Housing and Communities (or delegated officer) approves and signs the application form for payment
  6. the grant is set up for payment by the Community Grants Team and the community or voluntary sector organisation is informed that payment has been made and that they will need to provide the Community Grants Team with evidence of grant use and defrayment (payment) as per the Terms and Conditions they accepted on signing the application form

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Completed and signed Councillor Covid Support Fund application forms should be sent to:

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