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Exercise equipment at St. James' Lake

Exercise equipment at St. James' Lake

Despite warnings, advice and guidance issued associated with COVID-19 and the use of open spaces, it is evident that visitors to St. James' Lake continue to use the exercise equipment - DO NOT USE!

It is also noted that groups of people, not from the same household also continue to meet at St. James' Lake - DO NOT!

Unless people refrain from following requests made in our open spaces, and in particular St. James' Lake, Council will have no option but to deny access to residents; action we do not want to take ever. Unfortunately, the few are potentially spoiling enjoyment of this area for the many.

Please comply with this request, it would be a very sad day if all access to St. James' Lake had to be fenced off and locked.

Posted: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:41 by Stephanie Campbell

Tags: Covid-19, Parks and Open Spaces