Brackley Town Council

Telephone: 01280 702441

Town Hall Tower

Clerk: Alison Moses
20 High Street, Brackley
Northamptonshire NN13 7DS


Brackley weekly Charter Market is held on the Piazza outside the Town Hall each Friday from around 8am until 3pm. The Market's origins date back to the early 1700's when it was considered an important centre where the Town Crier announced any news or information. Although its form has changed over the years, it is still a meeting place for many people.

A varied selection of traders include: Fruit and vegetables, Fresh Fish and shellfish, Plants, bulbs and shrubs, Cakes, Cheese and Olives.

The Market is operated by Brackley Town Council, please contact the council for any further information.

Brackley Country Market meets each Friday Everything sold at Brackley Country Market is available for home delivery. Items can be reserved or requested in advance. Hampers are also available, so you can combine cakes, plants, eggs, jams and breads and have it delivered to your door.

Local free range duck and chicken eggs
Breads & Bakery
Jams, Preserves & Chutneys
Plants & Flowers
Biscuits & Chocolates
Fruit & Veg (produce and plants)
Crafts & Jewelry
Ready meals (e.g. pizza, quiche).

For further information contact: 07526588755 or visit their Face Book page