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Men into Extra Time - Brackley

Men into Extra Time - Brackley

Men into Extra Time is a new initiative run by the South Northants Volunteer Bureau, supported by the Community Lottery and Brackley Town Football Club, that will be starting up shortly.

The aim of the project is to provide opportunities for older men to be able to build new friendships, develop new skills and interests and get involved in the community.

We want to work with the people who would like to be involved to develop activities that they want to participate in and have an interest in rather than offer activities that would not meet the needs of those who want to take part. Going forward, the groups would be supported to be led by the members with the aim of attracting future funding.

This will provide an enjoyable way to improve physical and mental activity and play a part in the local community by being creative and learning or passing on skills.

Potential activities that could be provided would include social meetings, sports opportunities, cultural visits, ways to learn new skills or provide opportunities to volunteer for various community projects.

Examples of possible activities could include repairing and recycling various items, learning skills such as computing or digital photography, participating in cultural activities such as learning about local history or practical work, such as gardening or DIY - or just the opportunity to meet up socially on a regular basis. Visiting other groups doing similar things elsewhere will help provide ideas and inspiration.

If you feel you would like to know more and to expand your social contacts, get to know other men in the local area and support the local Brackley community in a variety of ways, please do get in contact with:

Peter Rawlinson or by phone on 07821 398490.

Contact:Peter Rawlinson
Telephone:07821 398490
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Organisation Type:Community

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