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Let's talk about the Budget 2023/24...

The Town Council is required by law to prepare a budget in order to calculate its precept requirement. The budget must give details of planned expenditure for the financial year ensuring that financial resources are aligned to the priorities of the Council. The Town Council is keen to provide local services for Brackley residents as your first tier of Local Government. 

Brackley Town Council owns and manages a wide range of facilities and services on behalf of the community including the Town Hall, Old Fire Station, Egerton Hall, public toilets, open spaces, parks and playgrounds. A full list is available on this website.

This coming year is expected to bring additional pressures as caution remains from the impact of the cost of living and in particular the rising costs in energy, fuel and food. As a result of this, we have been carefully reviewing the impact of the economic difficulties in the setting of the 2023/24 budget.  

The figures relating to the Town Council’s 2023 proposed budget are to a total of £1,233,635.

Detailed Draft Budget 2023/24Draft Budget Leaflet 2023/24

Where does the £1,233,635 Brackley Town Council budget come from?

What is Precept?

The precept is the Town Council’s share of the council tax. It is collected on our behalf by West Northamptonshire Council and fills the gap between the Town Council’s planned expenditure and its estimated income. Town Council’s do not receive any direct funding from central government and so the precept is a hugely important part of a Town Council’s income.

Total precept for Brackley Town Council:  £1,009,630

Annual Precept
Income from Services

What will it cost per average household (Band D)?

Annual cost per household from 1 April 2023:

  • £169.70 yearly
  • £3.26 weekly

An increase of £15.77 per year / 30p per week 

Budget Priorities 2023/24

  • To continue providing a quality service to our residents
  • To work with outside agencies to improve Brackley High Street
  • Biodiversity – tree planting, rewilding, hedge laying
  • Further engagement with schools and groups
  • To improve youth provision within the town 
  • To continue providing community events and a celebration event for King Charles III Coronation 

Budget 2023/24 Expenditure

Finance & Support Services

Grounds & Environmental Services

Community Services

Council Administration

Grounds Administration

Town Hall

Support Services – IT, professional fees, insurance, etc.

Open Spaces

Old Fire Station

Civic Costs


Egerton Hall

Office Space


Public Toilets



Grass cutting

Website/Town Talk/Newsletters

Ditches, Hedges and Trees

War Memorial


Christmas Lights

Community Events




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